Transition from Foster Care to Independent Living

04-Nov-2015 RB21 Youth Services | Baltimore| Parker Psychiatric Services

DATE: Currently Open

CONTACT PERSON: Nikia Anderson, 443-423-6106


The purpose of this announcement is to provide BCDSS youth and staff with information about an enrichment opportunity.


Parker Psychiatric Services, Incorporated (PPS) prepares Adolescents to function independently while in foster care. Adolescents will engage in Independent Living Skills that will allow them to be self sufficient. Social Workers will develop Service Plans for Adolescents to successfully complete prior to emancipating from Foster Care.

PPS seeks to deliver services necessary for clients to successfully transition from dependent adolescents to self-supporting young adults. PPS accomplishes this goal by teaching Independent Living Skills and providing individualized counseling.

PPS serves males and females, ages 14-21 that are in Foster Care transitioning to Independent Living Programs. To enter the program, the Adolescent must be able to function in a work or educational setting and family reunification efforts must be exhausted.

PPS will assist the youth with employment and educational needs. The area of employment will focus on Internships/Permanent Employment, Job Placements with local businesses, Career Counseling, and Career Placements with Sufficient Income. The area of education will focus on GED Certification Prep-Class, College/Vocational Schools, Study Skills, Tutoring, and Job Corps.

26 West 25th Street, Baltimore, MD, 21218



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