Program Compliance Manager
Behavioral Counselor
Parker Therapeutic Services Foster Care Inc. is seeking a full-time Program Compliance Manager.

Program Compliance Manager


  • Assist the Senior Management Team with identifying and addressing compliance issues within Parker Therapeutic Services Foster Care Inc.
  • Work with Senior Management to develop an overall strategy for improving the compliance processes within the organization
  • Regularly review the compliance status of Case Managers work and administer appropriate goals for improvement for unsatisfactory findings
  • Deliver a coordinated compliance strategy
  • Assure short and long term compliance goals are meet
  • Review and evaluate compliance policies and procedures
  • Promote an environment that encourages cooperation, collaboration and creativity to advance collaborative efforts with department units

  • Review, monitor and maintain COMAR compliance within the following areas:
    • Client records
    • Unusual incident procedures
    • Child neglect and abuse reporting procedures>
    • Maintain SYCFIS database system
  • Other duties as assigned

  • Qualifications:

    • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field
    • Minimum of 3 years supervision and administration experience
    • Familiarity with applicable standards and regulations
    • Strong interpersonal, organizational, evaluative, and time management skills
    • Policy interpretation skills
    • Flexibility
    • Attention to detail
    • Persistence and pervasiveness
    • Able to work with minimal direction or supervision


    • Competitive salary
    • 100% Company paid health benefits
    • Flexible work hours

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