The Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) at Parker Psychiatric Services offers community-based care for diverse mental health needs in English and Spanish. Parker Psychiatric Services is committed to providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment for the children, adolescents, and adults in our community. Services are provided by a Board Certified Psychiatrist and licensed mental health professionals.


Often, the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic works in tandem with our comprehensive psychiatric rehabilitation program. The OMHC provides individual, group and family therapy, and medication management services. We offer services for life challenges, relationship issues, behavioral issues with a child or teen, depression, anxiety, trauma, and persistent mental illness.

Individual Psychotherapy

Parker Psychiatric Services is staffed with highly trained, licensed clinicians specializing in the treatment of a variety of issues and disorders including:

Stress Management
Adjustment Problems
Anxiety / Phobias

Impulse Control

Anger Management

Relationship Issues

Sexual Abuse
Physical Abuse

Chronic Mental Illness
Bipolar Illness


Booking Fee/ Deposit?

Please note we are not able to pencil dates and times on the calendar without a booking fee/deposit. No party is booked until a booking fee/deposit has been paid.

How To Make Payment?

The remaining balance must be paid in cash to the performer before she enters your party. Please give the performer the exact amount, as she will not be able to provide change on the day.

The package you have booked and the remaining balance you are due to pay cannot be changed on the day of the party. If you need to change your party package, please get in touch at least a week in advance and we would be happy to amend your remaining balance , package and the expected number of children attending on your confirmation document.


Gratuity is not included in the total of your package price, so if you want to show your entertainer that you loved their performance, gratuity is a great way of doing so.

Do I Need To Provide Anything?

For your party, our performer requires a chair, with enough room around it for the children to sit comfortably on the floor.

Parking- If you could please leave a space for the Performer to park, as close to the entrance as possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind the Performer has several items to carry into your party! Please note, it is the responsibility of the person who booked the party to pay any parking fees or arrange a parking pass if applicable.

Environment- We ask our customers to please provide a smoke-free environment for our Performer. If the party is outdoors, please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade for the performer since they are wearing heavy costumes. The area must also be free of thorny bushes, mud, or standing water. Our characters will not be allowed to stay outside if there is even light rain. For this reason, you must have an inside location planned as a backup.

What If I Need To Cancel or Postpone My Party?

After paying the booking fee/deposit for your party, if you would like to cancel you have 48 hours to receive a full refund. Once we receive your Booking fee/deposit, we will reserve your desired time and date for you on the performers schedule. Once you have booked with us, and you decide to cancel, we will retain your booking fee/deposit and gladly work with you to find an alternate party date for your consideration, based on availability. Alternate parties dates must be within a 6 month period of your initial booking date. We are happy to reschedule your party 1 time with no fee. If you reschedule more than once we would charge 25% of your total booking balance to reschedule again. For all rescheduled parties, the full remaining balance must be paid in 1 week before the booking date. Please note, the rescheduled party must be of equal value to the initial booking that was made.

What Happens If My Guests Arrive Late?

We suggest inviting the children arrive at least 15 minutes before our character's booked arrival time, that way if children are a few minutes late they won't miss our character's grand entrance. We have booked your party in our performer’s schedule, and therefore cannot be delayed as they have a schedule to keep. If some of your guests are late, we recommend that they join in the party upon arrival

Can I Request a Certain Performer?

When you get booked in for a character appearance we guarantee that you will get the specific character you request but we unfortunately cannot guarantee a specific performer.

Are These Parties Suitable for Boys and Girls?

Of course! Our Parties are designed for both sexes, and gender neutral where applicable.

Party Suggestions?

We suggest trying your best to keep background noise to a minimum so our entertainer can be heard . Some example of background noise are: adults speaking loudly, younger siblings playing and shouting loudly, bouncy castles , loud activities taking place in the same room that are not part of our entertainment

During the time the character is with you, we suggest turning off bouncy castles etc

We suggest doing the food portion of your party after our entertainer has left OR before she arrives.

If you have a balloon artist attending your party, we suggest scheduling the balloon artist to perform after our character leaves your party.

Multiple Characters/ Mascots From Different Company's?

Our characters are not able to attend parties where “mascot characters” are present. In addition, our characters are not able to attend parties where "princess performers" from other companies are present. If you will be having a mascot or a princess performer from another company attend your party please be sure to book these at a different time to our character.

Child Supervision

We care about the safety of your children and guests - there must be a responsible parent or adult present at all times to monitor and oversee all children.

Our priority in entertaining your guests – our characters will not be able to discipline children who are misbehaving and will not be able to handle medical emergencies. Our performers and our company is not responsible for any injury or damages that may occur at your party.

Performer Safety

If at any point our performer feels unsafe or threatened our performer will leave your party immediately and no refund will be offered.
Please ensure the environment our performer is walking into is positive and safe. (Examples of threatening environment include swearing, children throwing objects at our performer, children hitting our performer, drunk and disorderly behaviour, unsanitary working conditions, smoking in close proximity to our characters, rudeness or disrespect towards our character etc.) Our company has the right to cancel any booking if we do not feel conditions will be appropriate to send a performer.

Hiring a Bouncy Castle?

This can be a great addition to a party as long as you have enough space for both the entertainer and the bouncy castle. We suggest that you let the bouncy castle down during the main entertainment, because they can be very noisy and a distraction to the children.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book?

Please book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment because our entertainers can get booked up very quickly.

Travel Costs?

Travel costs are not included in the package pricing and are required for all events located further than 20 miles outside of the Chichester area, West Sussex. Please supply us with your location when contacting us to receive a travel fee quote.

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